Bite The Curb


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released November 2, 2016



all rights reserved


DELINQUENCE Syracuse, New York

FWH Records

Hardcore/Beatdown From Puerto Rico and Upstate New York.

Ozzy Vocals
Tylar Bass
Jeremy Guitar

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Track Name: Beg For Your Life
I'll cut your tongue keep spitting lies
Nails on your hands burn and crucify
Your heart to feed me
The devil leads me
I will unveil you piece of shit and make you pay
You wanna live get on your knees waste your time cause you wont change my mind

I hear you squealing in your misery
I see the pain in your eyes
Life's slipping through your fingers
Let me hear you beg for your life

Beg for your life
Now I have
Beg for your life

If I had it my way
I'd slit your throat with the knife you left on my back
How foolish of you to ask why I haven't murdered you

//But the idea never crossed my mind till this day
beg for your life//
Track Name: No Tolerance
Do you remember every word you said?
Oh yes you do cause everything was fake
Do you remember every promise made?
Oh yes you do the ones you use to break
I will hunt you down
I'll steal and pawn your crown
And all truth behind the shadows will shine on all fucking lies
All fucking lies
I'm leaving everything behind//
I'm sick of wasting all my time//
My patience is its running thin//
No tolerance
For all your bullshit
You know what im gonna do when i see you?
You fucking bastard!
I will hunt you down and make you pay for all your bullshit!
Track Name: Hell
Disgust and apathy
Hold out your scars for eyes to see
Live in fear life is disease
How does it feel to bleed like me

I can't love just only hate
Pain and neglect no words to say//

I got no love it's only hate
Pain and neglect no words to say

I live alone I made myself
I took these hands I dug my hell
And in this hell I lay to sleep
Burning alone don't set me free

This is my heart's desire
To bleed alone die in this fire//

Andamos cazando wannabes
Con tu piquete Hardcore tu me va frontiar a mi?
Aqui nunca estamos solos te barremos con el plomo
Arrodillensen cabrones tamo sentao en el trono!

This is my personal hell
And I will suffer alone//
Track Name: Bite The Curb
Knuckles on your face
Time has stopped I'll prove you're fake
Spit out your mistakes you won't last another day
I'll teach you what's pain here's the deal tie you with chains
I wont get the blame of the spatter of your brain

Without Remorse
I didn't think this through

Sin que me importe te enseñare quien tiene el porte real capos
Tengo el calibre y el torque pa bajarte el fronte motherfucker

Dont disrespect my family I'll put your teeth on the curb
Blood gushing on the sidewalk tell me if it fucking hurts
Dont get me upset cuz I'll pursuit to doubt you
Beat you on your face dont give a fuck about you
Make you loose control of your physical anatomy smile on your face embrace all the hate in me

You better hold it my way
Follow my game
Dislocate your mouth
You'll be talking out your ass

I'm lethal my venom can kill there's is no graveyard I can't fill
With bodys I have ripped in two cause I got nothing else to do
If you ask me again you will regret it
We are Delinquence don't fucking forget it!